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Woman Thou Art Loosed

£29.99 £14.99


Woman Thou Art Loosed

£29.99 £14.99

Woman Thou Art Loosed, Dr D.K Olukoya

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There is an age-long battle between the woman and the devil. This battle has been fought by women of all races, colour, status. The devil has never concealed the fact that he hates women with perfect hatred. He has continued to harass, molest, torment and destroy women.

Alot of women are suffering in silence. Some have concluded that they are subjected to a life time of misery, woe and satanic attack. Only very few have discovered the secrets of victory.

This is a deliverance manual for women. It is comprehensive and practical. All Christain Homes should have a copy of this book.

Here at last is a book that would help women to trample upon every dark power militating against them

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