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80 Audio sermons by Dr Olukoya – Download Only

£69.99 £49.99


80 Audio sermons by Dr Olukoya – Download Only

£69.99 £49.99

80 Sermon downloads by Dr D.K Olukoya. This excellent and life changing collection of inspirational and uplifting messages and teachings by the BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF PRAYER RAIN and General Overseer of MFM Ministries.

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A collection of 80 Audio sermons by Dr. D.K.Olukoya in MP3 format

Don’t MISS OUT on a Chance to change the story of your life.

This excellent and life changing collection of inspirational and uplifting messages and teachings by the BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF PRAYER RAIN and General Overseer of MFM Ministries.

For JUST £49.99 contains over 160 HOURS of soul stirring songs, powerful prayers and awe-inspiring teachings on the WORD OF GOD, have been specially prepared for you, by the HOLY SPIRIT to minister DELIVERANCE, SALVATION, HEALING, PROSPERITY and uncommon SUCCESS into all aspects of your life.


The Download List Includes:
1.  The Strange Blindness
2.  Overcoming Foundational Witchcraft
3.  Let My Family Go
4.  The Battle Against Enchantments
5.  Principles of arising to Shine
6.  Choosing Your Life Partner (part 1)
7.  Choosing Your Life Partner (part 2)
8.  120 Prayers to crush Witchcraft
9.  A Mouth and Wisdom
10. Analysis of captivity
11. Anti Excellence Powers
12. Battle Against the Wasters
13. Beat the Best Be the Best (part 1)
14. Beat the Best Be the Best (part 2)
15. Command The Morning
16. Dealing with the enemy that will not let go
17. Dealing with the Strangers
18. Dealing with Your Red Sea Situation
19. Deliverance of the Brain
20. Dancers at the Gate of Death
21. Dealing with your Internal Rubbish
22. From Strength to Strength
23. Generational Battles
24. O God Make me a good Wonder
25. Holy Madness or Horrible Disgrace
26. I shall not miss the Presence of God
27. I am for Signs and Wonders
28. Lake of Fire
29. Locate Your Location
30. Meeting God in Your Dream
31. Mystery of Shame
32. O Lord Deliver our Homes
33. Overpowering Astral Attacks
34. Problems of Closed Doors
35. Power Against Mysterious Oppression
36. Power Against the Enemies of Breakthroughs
37. Power to Change Your World
38. Raiding the House of the Strongman
39. Re-Writing your Family History
40. Sending Back Evil Arrows
41. Speak Evil of No Man
42. Tapping into the Creative Anointing
43. The Battle Against the World
44. The Battle for the Hands and Feet
45. The Beast that kills the Best
46. The Children of Goliath
47. The Evil Bus Stop
48. The Evil Relocation
49. The Greatest Ignorance
50. The Mystery of Ancestral Powers
51. The Mystery of Evil Appointments
52. The Mystery of Graveyard Spirits
53. The Mystery of Hidden Names
54. The Mystery of Movement
55. The Mystery of Rods
56. The Mystery of Sacrifice
57. The Mystery of Seduction
58. The Mystery of Seed Offering
59. The Mystery of Spiritual Garments
60. The Mystery of Spiritual Visitations
61. The Mystery of Troubles
62. The Mystery of Unassisted Angels
63. The Night Brigade of Judas
64. The Open Door That No Man can Shut
65. The Pharaoh in the Waters
66. The Power of Discernment
67. The Power of Priority
68. The Problem of Internal Idols
69. The Problem of Evil Reinforcement
70. The Problem of Incomplete Deliverance
71. The Problem of Jinxes
72. The Strange problem of Blood Demons
73. The Terrible Connection
74. The University of Adversity
75. The Mystery of our Warfare
76. Understanding Divine Times and Seasons
77. When Prayers become Limited
78. Your Battles and Your Dreams
79. Your Troubles and Your Attitudes
80. Youth worship Songs

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